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Your Sedona retreat experience will be one of renewal and rejuvenation! We find that after participating in their retreats clients ask themselves, “Why didn’t I do that a long time ago?” 

Yes it can absolutely change your life.

SpiritQuest Retreats is holistic, non-denominational, and focuses on interlacing modalities such as Eastern, Western, and nature-based healing. Our mission is to empower each person to fully embrace who they really are and accept the gifts that have been theirs all the while. Our practitioners are hand-picked by founder Katherine Lash. With over 10 years’ experience, SpiritQuest Retreats stands out as the number one choice for an adventure in Sedona.

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“I would like to say thank-you to each and every one of you that has been on this wonderful journey. My heart has been cracked WIDE open, and I can feel my light shining. I have learned that the past stories are just that, stories, and I choose to write and live new ones. I feel very free and I am going home with a stronger sense of knowing who I am. My life has changed by having more peace in my mind and soul. I love knowing there are people from my tribe here. I love being on the land the most. I will highly recommend SpiritQuest. Thank-you again for sharing my journey.”

Michele T., Flagler Beach

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“I have been on a journey which I chose and feel blessed to have undertaken. I came because I felt blocked in caring for myself and in achieving my potential. I set intentions which were met beyond my expectations. I feel clear about what stands in the way of my healing and have discovered a means to remedy this. I was astonished at how strongly and consistently the messages were concerning my future direction and how consistent they were with what I know to be my gifts and potential. I have been on the right path and this week has confirmed it without a doubt. I feel blessed to have worked with such qualified people. It felt safe. The Retreat was stimulating and purposeful for me. I would definitely recommend it. It is well worth the money.”

Christiane G, Ottowa, Ont

How Are You Feeling: Cut off, Lost, Disconnected, Depressed, Empty

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Reconnection, Clarity, Joy, Serenity, Purpose

The number one Retreat Center located in the heart of Sedona. SpiritQuest Retreats has developed a reputation as the leading provider of a variety of Personal Retreats and Group Retreats. Our commitment to total excellence, as well as our innovative holistic approach has produced a proven track record of life-changing results that last.

Simply put, our Spiritual Retreats in Arizona are aimed at raising self-awareness and personal growth by producing a joyful connection to your higher self. Using yoga, meditation, sound healing, healthy eating and more, you will gain the balance you have been seeking.  And the great news is that you’ll be working with the best spiritual guides in Sedona, Arizona at our Retreat Center.

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Imagine waking up to a vibrant glow of crimson red followed by a warm cup of tea or coffee. You will begin your adventure with SpiritQuest around 10 am. You journey out on the land where you find yourself at a creek or maybe on a mountain top, enjoying the view and learning wisdom skills for letting go, being in the moment, and embracing joy. Another option is to explore a vortex site and relax while a guide plays the flute and native drum. Next, you can return to our retreat center a life coaching and/or emotional clearing session. For your last session of the day, enjoy a delicious massage and reiki energy immersion. Who could ask for a more lovely day?